What is midway testing?

So I've heard of unit and integration testing, but I just recently heard of midway testing. It seems like the term is used most commonly in an AngularJS context. A Google query turned up very little information on the topic. My questions about midway testing are these:

  1. How does it differ from unit and integration testing?
  2. What purpose does it serve?
  3. What problems does it address that the other two approaches do not address?
  4. Is it an AngularJS specific concept?


From my own research, midway testing appears to be unit testing, but with some automation in there to avoid having to do mocking or stubs for things like XHR requests. They call it "midway" to imply it's midway between a full "end to end" test (e.g., user testing) and a unit test.

I've only seen this name used with AngularJS, though the concept could certainly be applied to any package or library where an automated layer was provided to help avoid having to do stubs and mocks.

More here: Midway Testing

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