Same template class with type/non-type parameters?

Given a template class myclass, is there a tricky way to allow this for the user :

myclass<void> x;
myclass<double> y;
myclass<42> z; // I do not expect the classic hack 
               // myclass<std::integral_constant<int, 42>>

because in certain context, it can make sense. My goal would be to allow this from the user point of view, regardless of the (possibly) awful metaprogramming hacks to allow it.

Note : if it is possible, I would like a solution without boost (only the standard library) to understand correctly all the details of the method.


A class template parameter is either a type or a value, so i can't think of a trick to handle both when instantiating classes directly. Functions are a different story, so let's introduce a make function:

template <typename T> struct myclass {};

template <int V> struct value {}; // helper

template <typename T> myclass<T>        make_myclass() { return myclass<T>(); }
template <int V>      myclass<value<V>> make_myclass() { return myclass<value<V>>(); }

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    auto a = make_myclass<void>();
    auto b = make_myclass<double>();
    auto c = make_myclass<42>();

Close enough?

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