Remove elements from in memory element in js

I have a java script file that is used in several places. It has this code:

var newDiv = lastDiv.cloneNode(true);

lastDiv has some <input> elements that I do not want to clone. I've created these input elements with the attribute <input copy="dont"> so that I could remove them out using the following code:"input[copy=dont]").remove()

The prototype.js select() finds these elements. But remove() does not work, newDiv still has the input elements that I wanted filtered. Prototype documentation states that it will remove from the document, but newDiv is not in the document, it is only in memory.

This is solved now: select() was returning an array. If only prototype would have returned a meaningful error message. It was returning the list of matching elements. Thanks for your answers guys. Will use valid HTML5. This works now"input[copy=dont]")[0].remove()


i think it's just a type in your selector , try this:"input[copy='dont']").remove()

also , just s suggestion , use the attribute data-copy instead of copy ex.

<input data-copy="dont" type="text" />

this will keep your elements valid HTML5

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