Erro “data provider class not found” em IOS ao carregar os dados na tela

Olá, desenvolvi um aplicativo OFFLINE para Android com GeneXus Ev3 que funciona perfeitamente. Para testar no Iphone utilizo KBN EV3 e deploy to cloud e um Iphone com IOS 7.

Adicionei o endereço da knowledge base no KBN e ao abrir o aplicativo no KBN aparece a tela de login do meu aplicativo. Nas SDPanels ou Work With que ele tenta listar os dados na tela aparece um erro "data provider class not found".

Como disse, esse erro só aparece quando tenta buscar alguma informação no banco de dados para exibir em tela.

English: Hello, I had developed an Android application OFFLINE with GeneXus EV3 that works perfectly. To Test it on Iphone i used KBN EV3 in the Iphone IOS 7, and deploy to cloud the knowledge base. My application open and When shows a Work With list, happen an error named "Data provider class not found". The for each in database works in procedures, but panels create data providers to select the data, and this way is doesn´t working.


The problem is that the KBN (Knowledge Base Navigator) you can only be used for Online applications. This is because the KBN gets the metadata from the URL of the KB and then tries to get the data from that server. It does not generate the iOS programs that you need for the offline applications.

To test offline application for iOS you will need a MAC computer and test on the simulator.

You can test using the KBN if you set the application to be online and generate it again with a BuildAll. That will generate the metadata and all the Data providers on the server side

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