notifying Adapter from Service, adapter refreshes but ListView doesnt?

im Experiencing a Strange problem with my ListView, im Trying to update my LisView from a service,my adapter is static and so is my ListView, When i Call notifyDatasetChanged() ,i can see my adapter working, but my ListView doesnt refresh itself, i tried to use eventManager,Handler(),Handler with Main Looper, runOnUithread from the EventManager, all of them same result ,but when i use any of those methods from the Fragment itself (Which Contains the ListView), it works Perfectly : Runnable() {                                   

public void run() {

                //Refresh View if its CurrentView

                    System.out.println("Adapter Notified");

and here is my adapter :

 adapter = new      
aCursor,headers,new int[]{,}, 0);  


Found the God damn Problem, i wasnt Calling the God Damn Cursor.requery , God Damn it

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