Multiple RoutePrefixe on a controller in MVC Attribute routing?

In the new MVC Attribute Routing I know you can assign multiple Route attributes to a single ActionResult but I am looking for a way to do the same at the RoutePrefix level. I have a controller that every action in it should be accessible by 3 routes:

/Games/{Title}/Characters/{Route} /Books/{Title}/Characters/{Route} /Cinema/{Title}/Characters/{Route}

I tried putting three (3) RoutePrefix commands but get the error Deuplace RoutePrefix attribute. If I try to use a comma separated list I get Best override method for does not contain a constructor that takes 3 arguments.

Is it possible to setup a RoutePrefix so that it takes the 3 routes I want for my controller?


Running a bunch of tests I found out that I can just add 3 Route attributes to the controller level and it works the way I want.

Edit: a better way to do it I found was using the regex match method


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