auto_globals_jit has no effect when set outside PHP.INI

I have a legacy piece of PHP code that contains $GLOBALS referring _REQUEST. Now I moved it to a new server and the code stopped working. I have found out that the problem is in setting of auto_globals_jit as described in this article.

When I changed auto_globals_jit in php.ini to off, it worked like a charm. Unfortunatelly, it would be better for me to limit using this setting just for the particular virtual host with the legacy application and not for the whole server. However the following setting in httpd.conf has no effect:

<Directory "/var/www/mydir">
  Allow from All
  Options +Indexes
  Allowoverride All
  Php_flag auto_globals_jit Off

Better said, PHPInfo() shows auto_globals_jit local value: Off, master value: On, nevertheless the code does not work.

Of course, if I put it into .htaccess, the same result.


Run a phpinfo() to check your configuration. It sounds like you are using php-cgi and not mod_php. Only the latter parses the .htaccess file; the former uses the pathed in php.ini (and the relevant .user.ini for PHP 5.3 and later)

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