PHP price to int is losing a cent


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FuzzyTree's answer explained the problem with floating point arithmetic. You can fix it by using round before intval.

$val = 568.3 * 100;
echo $val;
echo "\n";
echo (float) ($val);
echo "\n";
echo (int) (round($val));
echo "\n";
echo intval(round($val));
echo "\n";



$val is float with a value of something like 56829.999999... and it gets rounded down when converting to an int.

From the manual

From floating point numbers ΒΆ

When converting from float to integer, the number will be rounded towards zero.

If the float is beyond the boundaries of integer (usually +/- 2.15e+9 = 2^31 on 32-bit platforms and +/- 9.22e+18 = 2^63 on 64-bit platforms other than Windows), the result is undefined, since the float doesn't have enough precision to give an exact integer result. No warning, not even a notice will be issued when this happens!

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