PHP is putting random strings into sql

I have spent all day trying to figure this out and I can't. I've literally tried everything(hence why the code is so dirty right now) to figure out why is the cause. This inserts into a SQL database but it's acting like it is counting the function and adding that to the beginning of the statement. here's my code

function countLoc($artist,$title,$title_number) {
$fileURL = get_bloginfo('url') . "/music/samples/" . $title_number . "/" . $artist . "/" . $title . "/" ;
$artistURL = rawurlencode($artist);
$titleURL = rawurlencode($title);
if ($handle = opendir("../music/samples/" . $title_number . "/" . $artist . "/" . $title )) {
    $dir = new DirectoryIterator('../music/samples/' . $title_number . "/" . $artist . "/" . $title );
    foreach($dir as $file ){ $y += ($file->isFile()) ? 1 : 0;};
    echo "a:".$y.":{i:0;";

    while (false !== ($entry = readdir($handle))) {
        if ($entry != "." && $entry != ".." ) {
            $baseURL = get_bloginfo('url') . "/music/samples/" . $title_number . "/" . $artistURL . "/" . $titleURL . "/" ;
            $fileURL = $baseURL . $entry;
            $trimmed = trim($entry, ".mp3");    
            $entry = rawurlencode($entry);
            $newBase = $baseURL . $entry;
            if (isset($x)){
                echo "i:" . $x . ";";
            $countentry = strlen($trimmed);
            $countartist = strlen($artist); 
            $newBase = strlen($newBase);
            echo "a:3:{s:24:\"releasetrack_track_title\";s:". $countentry .":\"". $trimmed ."\";s:24:\"releasetrack_artist_name\";s:". $countartist .":\"". $artist ."\";s:21:\"releasetrack_mp3_demo\";s:". $newBase .":\"". $baseURL . $entry ."\";}";
    echo "}";
    } else {
      echo ""; 

The value in SQL comes to be wrapped in what appears to be a count of the number of characters in the full function - almost as if the whole thing was wrapped in strlen and I can't for the life of me figure out why(see below).

s:1001"rest of the echo";

If I completely do away it the dir count then the strlen wrap is gone. Can anyone shed somelight?


My whole issue with this was something with the WP Import plugin. I updated it and it works perfectly fine now. Thanks guys for your help.

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