elixir 0.14.1 error on mix (No file named /usr/local/bin/mix)

I have installed Elixir 0.14.1 and Erlang 17.1 on my mac by homebrew

When I tried to run the mix command I get the following error:

$ mix new example

No file named /usr/local/bin/mix


It is a regression on Erlang 17.1. We are releasing Elixir 0.14.2 today that will address this particular bug.

I'm not very sure if this is the way to fix the error, I'm very new to the language and what I did and now mix is working is:

$ brew unlink elixir $ brew install elixir --HEAD

Any ideas? Suggestions?

New update, no need to do a brew install elixir --HEAD

just to update to the latest elixir 0.14.2 will work.

Just want to add: if you are using Homebrew, make sure to run brew update before running brew upgrade elixir so you can get the latest formula.

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