write recursive method in java & C#

I want to convert this simple C# code to java :

public int CompareTo(object obj)
return _destIndex.CompareTo(((DiffResultSpan)obj)._destIndex);

and my java code is :

public int compareTo(object obj)
return destIndex.compareTo(((DiffResultSpan)obj).destIndex);

but my code has error : "int can not be dereferenced". I coded it in net-beans. Apparently it's true.but I don't know what should I do ?!!


oh thanks.i found it! int in java is not object.and I should convert it! for example :

new Integer(destIndex).compareTo... 


int in Java is a primitive type, meaning it has no methods or fields. If you want your compare method to compare two objects based on an int, the following should do fine:

return destIndex - ((DiffResultSpan)obj).destIndex;

If destIndex could be negative, there's a chance of integer overflow, so you would have to do:

int otherIndex = ((DiffResultSpan)obj).destIndex;
return destIndex < otherIndex ? -1 : (destIndex > otherIndex ? 1 : 0);

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