using ZURB Foundation with laravel

I am new to laravel so I am not sure how this can be achieved. I am using ZURB Foundation and trying to create a button in the page.

I use linkRoute always to redirect to a named route then redirect to a specific controller action. I have the below:

<body >
    <h1 align="center"></h1><br><br>
    <a style="margin-left:50px;" href="{{ HTML::linkRoute('membersaccess', 'Members Access') }}" class="medium success button">Login or Register</a>

but when I render this, it shows like this

Members Access" class="medium success button">Login or Register

instead of showing the button and text within it and link to named route. How can this be fixed? I read something about macros but unable to clearly understand them or use them to achieve this.

Picture included for reference:


HTML::linkRoute produces an HTML anchor tag.

Since you only want the URL, use URL::route.

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