Override a method in a mock object

I need to write a unit test in which one of the dependencies of the tested object will be mocked. In that mocked object I would like to override one function (I do not care about the other functions at all).

What I need to do, is to provide a completely new implementation of that function. I am not particularly happy with providing mockito-style when / thenResult pairs for each potential input, i.e. I do not want to write:


I would rather like to write something like:

mock.foo = (a: Int) => if (a == 5) 3 else ...

Which mocking framework should I choose to substitute the whole implementation of a function in an easy way?


You don't need a mocking framework at all if you're only overriding one method and want to do it by actually defining the method.

If it's a class, just extend your class, override the method and inject your extension.

If it's an object or a final class of course you can't extend, but then you wouldn't be able to mock with many frameworks either, or inject an alternate easily.


See "onCall" method

(fooMock.increment _) expects(*) onCall { arg: Int => arg + 1}

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