Foursquare: Can't get JSON data from Server

I am able to get an authorization code from Foursquare but having issues accessing the data.

Here is the relevant code:

    var getCheckin = function (access_token) {
        var  userrequest = { 
            userID: self, //stays
            limit: 100,  
            sort: 'newestfirst'  

        var result = $.ajax({
            url: ""+access_token,
            data: userrequest, //stays
            dataType: "jsonp",  //stays
            type: "GET"  //stays
            console.log("Looks like your ajax request was sent");

        .fail(function(jqXHR, error, errorThrown) { //stays common element
            var errorElem = showError(error); //stays common element
            $('.search-results').append(errorElem); //stays common element


    var getData = function(result) {
        console.log("Looks like your function was fired off");

Here is the API endpoint I am using:

From My debug Tracer I get the following error:

(failed) net::ERR_FAILED


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