Get multiple values in URL encoding

I'm not sure how to go about searching this but I'm trying to read the tumblr API and get all posts of type=audio OR type=photo, so I only want to see audio and photo posts.

This doesn't work:

it only retrieves type=photo posts. What is the syntax for type=photo OR audio?


Based on the documentation here:

type - The type of posts to return. If unspecified or empty, all types of posts are returned. Must be one of text, quote, photo, link, chat, video, or audio.

I would assume the way to get multiple categories is using a comma.,photo

The difference is in the total post count. With no type it is 1344, but with audio,photo it is 276.

Your current url ( is just overriding the audio parameter.

Otherwise, you are going to have to do two calls; one photo and one audio. Then merge and sort them however you choose. This answer may also help: How to query multiple tags in Tumblr's read api?

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