NPM throws errors at traceur install on OS X -- I cloned this git repo down locally. Installed grunt-cli globally, and ran npm run nss (script written by author of original server template -- look in package.json, not complex) and faced numerous errors at the traceur install + git cloning. I've included the trail from terminal window in the pastebin linked below. The npm debug/error log mentioned is not present at the suggested location. npm install alone does not help the situation and returns nothing back. NodeJS v0.10.29 is installed via Node Version Manager (NVM) on OS X 10.9.3.

I'm not the most adept with some of the technologies discussed here. Would someone please attempt to walk me through (a) solution(s) and/or steps to get better clues? All assistance is appreciated.


There's a couple of problems going on which are causing the problems you have seen. The first of which is the command that is run when you run npm run nss, which fails for you with this:

rm: ../../app/static/js/vendor/traceur.js: No such file or directory

This is because, well, the file simply does not exist (yet). If you look at the commands which are run when you run npm run nss, you'll see that the remove file is followed by the copy file of traceur.js to that very location. So I would guess that whoever wrote the script intended for this to be run after it was initially setup, and the remove/copy would be done once the file was initially copied there. Therefore, you must first copy the traceur.js file to app/static/js/vendor before you can successfully execute npm run nss.

But then the next problem, the file should be copied from tools/traceur-compiler/bin doesn't exist either. This is because the traceur-compiler project has recently deleted this (compiled) file from their project, which you can see via this commit:

So you need to regenerate this file, which you can do by (from the itnerary-civic-hacking root directory):

  • cd tools/traceur-compiler
  • make bin/traceur.js
  • cp bin/traceur.js ../../app/static/js/vendor

This will get you in the same state as if you successfully ran npm run nss.

You won't be able to re-run the npm run nss command, but you really shouldn't need to since its more of a setup command than anything (it creates a directory, clones a github repo, etc). If you wanted to update the traceur-compiler in the future (though you may never have to do this) then I would recommend running the following steps (from the itnerary-civic-hacking root directory):

  • cd tools/traceur-compiler
  • git pull origin master
  • npm install
  • make bin/traceur.js
  • cp bin/traceur.js ../../app/static/js/vendor

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