gogo: BundleException: An error occurred trying to read the bundle in OSGi with Equinox

I create OSGI bundle according to this tutorial, but when I try to install bundle using:

osgi> install file:/<path>/sample01-1.0.0.jar 

it will show this error:

 Hello World...!
 osgi> install file:/sample01-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar<br>
 gogo: BundleException: An error occurred trying to read the bundle<br>
 osgi> "

What is the problem? This is my first OSGI bundle.


For Windows:

osgi> install file:///d://dir1//dir2//file.jar

For Linux:

You must first check if the jar file is set to the appropriate access permission.

osgi> install file:///home//user//osgi//plugin.jar

This error occurs if the jar doesn't exist. Is the jar located in the root, because /sample... will search it in the root. Under windows it will similar to C:/sample....

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