replace quotes on all files

I want to replace all strings without string interpolation that uses double quote into single quote

for example:

require_once $__CFG_dir_lib . "systemconfiguration.php";
require_once $__CFG_dir_lib . "lib.php";
$bla = "test $a 123";
$x = '<a href="123">test</a>';
$y = "<a href='123'>\ntest</a>";


require_once $__CFG_dir_lib . 'systemconfiguration.php';
require_once $__CFG_dir_lib . 'lib.php';
$bla = "test $a 123";
$x = '<a href="123">test</a>';
$y = "<a href='123'>\ntest</a>";

who can i do this using IntelliJ without clicking one by one

what i've tried was:

find: "([^"'$\\]+)"
replace: '\$1'

but it still replaces the $x example


Possible in Notepad++ (and any other editor that uses Perl or PCRE)

I notice you're doing this in a text editor. In most editors, it's going to be very hard. In an editor that uses the PCRE engine, we can do it like this:

Search: '[^']*'(*SKIP)(*F)|"((?:(?!\$\w)[^"'])*)"

Replace: '$1'

In the online demo, look at the substitutions in the bottom pane.

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