Show user that program still. Running

I wrote a Java program that reads a file, process the numbers and then output result to to the user. The processing could take a while so I would like to display some sort of progress bar or just simply thinking glass (anything reallly) that indicate to the user that the program is actually processing something.

Any recommendation for quick Solution for it?

Thank you


Display a busy cursor:

try {
  // process
} finally {

This might help you...

Command line progressbar

public static void printProgBar(int percent){
    StringBuilder bar = new StringBuilder("[");

    for(int i = 0; i < 50; i++){
        if( i < (percent/2)){
        }else if( i == (percent/2)){
            bar.append(" ");

    bar.append("]   " + percent + "%     ");
    System.out.print("\r" + bar.toString());

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