IntelliJ IDEA shows plugin not found

I'm trying to tune IntelliJ IDEA. In the company I now work they use Nexus as a store for Maven plugins. In maven settings file (.m2/settings.xml) there are Nexus repositories :


In IDEA I see errors like:

Plugin '''org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-project-info-reports-plugin:2.7''' not found
Inspects a Maven model for resolution problems.

Though Nexus contains it as I can see through it's web interface.

What might be the problem?


IDEA should normally manage your Maven dependencies for you (as long as your pom.xml are correct.)

When your POM-file changes, IDEA will display a notification-window and ask if you would like to download dependencies (this can be easy to miss).

Or, if IDEA is configured with automatic Maven imports (File > Settings > Maven > Importing -> Import Maven projects manually), this should happen automatically.

If your problem persists, you can delete and re-import your IDEA-project:

  • Close IDEA.
  • Remove "*.iml" and ".idea"-directories.
  • Run "mvn clean install" from the command-line.
  • Re-import your project into IDEA.

This will normally solve these types of tricky problems.

Also worth checking: If you use Maven, your IDEA (and Eclipse) project files should not need to be checked into version control. If you check out someone elses *.iml-files or .idea-folder, problems can occur.

You maybe try this solution:

Close your IntelliJ IDEA. Backup IDE setting files (1). Then, delete all files in directory "config":

<User home>\.IntelliJIdeaXX\config

(on Windows, for example: C:\Users\user_name.IntelliJIdea13\config)

Go to menu File \ Settings or press Ctrl + Alt + Shift, in group Project Settings, choose Maven \ Repositories, press button Add "Artifactory or Nexus Service URLs", choose:

Then update this repository, you will wait some minutes for indexing repository. Then try what you want.


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