PowerShell's equivalent of LINQ All, or how can I verify all the items in the collection are equal to specific value?

I have a collection of items, which I build from a regex match, like this:

$collection = $input | foreach {
    if ($_ -match $regex) {$matches} else { return }
} | 
  Select-Object –Property @{name='command'; expression={$_.command} },
                          @{name='id';      expression={$_.id} }

(sorry if that's not the best way to do this, I'm learning PowerShell :))

What I'd like to do is to make sure all the command properties in this $collection are equal to the same command, e.g. "myCommand", how can I do that?

ff this were C#, I'd probably do something like:

if (collection.All(item => item.Key == "myCommand")) { ... }

What's the idiomatic way to do this in PowerShell?


I was pointed to this LINQ Module for PowerShell, which allowed me to do simply:

$collection | Linq-All { $_.command -eq "myCommand" }

Which is just what I needed! More examples here.

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