Umbraco - ContentTypeService failed to find a content type

I created a document type named "Home", created some content of this document type and some others underneath it. I have now renamed to "HomePage" but now greeted with the following error on any page of the website.

I have tried republishing the website, updating the template name to 'HomePage'... have no idea where its getting the reference to 'Home' - The Node in DB appears to have been updated, so must be something else (cache has been cleared as far as I know but clearing the Temp folder and umbraco.config). Other notes, latest version of Umbraco, using MVC.

ContentTypeService failed to find a content type with alias "Home".


I had exactly the same, for me it was caused by an old reference in App_Data\Umbraco.config not present anymore as a document type. Republishing the whole site and therefore recreating Umbraco.config fixed it.

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