Retrieving Data from DataView C# takes too long

I have a DataTable named 'dtStocksCriteria'; each cell in it should turn into a process function. So I should traverse all rows and columns.

For this purpose I have Parallel loop on rows. Then I select the Row with this Code:

DataView dv = new DataView(dtStocksCriteria);
                dv.RowFilter = "xStockCode_FK = " + stock.Code;

After that in an Inner Parallel loop I should retrieve each column value with something like this code.

val = (double)dv[0]["column name"];

This Assignment take about 0.5 seconds which is too long for me. I want to reduce that to approximately 1 millisecond.

I have 398 rows and 110 columns in mt data table, in case that helps.

Does anyone have any ideas?


In C# working with DataView or DataRow or DataTable takes time. BUT If you use DataRow[int index] to retrive a cell value it should takes less time than using DataRow[string ColumnName] .


When I use 'index' instead of 'ColumnName' it makes my code faster.


It is still slow because I have too much columns. So the best solution is to reduce the columns count first.

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