comparison between polymer and x-tag and vanilla js

can any one give me some idea about difference between polymer,x-tag and vanilla js ?

I have used polymer in my project, but i want comparison of polymer,x-tag and vanilla js.


Web Components is the native implementation in the browsers. Polymer is a library that act as a very thin layer on top of the Web Components technologies. X-Tag is another library that is even thinner because it only relies on one of the four Web Components technologies.

I've written an article about that:

VanillaJS only means using web-components without any framework/wrapper in pure JS.

You have to register your custom-element, stamping out the element and taking care of data-binding yourself.

Both x-tag and Polymer provide a convenient and opinionated wrapper around web-components that greatly reduce boilerplate code.

IMHO the Polymer library provides the most declerative approach (regarding data-binding, defining templates, etc)

This is how it looks like with x-tag:

xtag.register('x-accordion', {
  // extend existing elements
  extends: 'div',
    created: function(){
      // fired once at the time a component
      // is initially created or parsed
    inserted: function(){
      // fired each time a component
      // is inserted into the DOM
    removed: function(){
      // fired each time an element
      // is removed from DOM
    attributeChanged: function(){
      // fired when attributes are set
  events: {
    'click:delegate(x-toggler)': function(){
      // activate a clicked toggler
  accessors: {
    'togglers': {
      get: function(){
        // return all toggler children
      set: function(value){
        // set the toggler children
  methods: {
    nextToggler: function(){
      // activate the next toggler
    previousToggler: function(){
      // activate the previous toggler

This is how it would look like with Polymer:

<polymer-element name="polymer-accordion" extends="div" on-click="{{toggle}}">
    <!-- shadow DOM here -->
    Polymer('polymer-accordion' {
        created: function() { ... },
        ready: function() { ... },
        attached: function () { ... },
        domReady: function() { ... },
        detached: function() { ... },
        attributeChanged: function(attrName, oldVal, newVal) {
        toggle : function() {....},
        get togglers() {},
        set togglers(value) {},
        nextToggler : function() {},
        previousToggler : function() {},

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