Invoke golang struct function gives “cannot refer to unexported field or method”

I have a golang structure something like this:

type MyStruct struct {
    Id    string

and function:

func (m *MyStruct) id() {
   // doing something with id here

Also i have another structure like this:

type MyStruct2 struct {
    m *MyStruct

Now i have a function:

func foo(str *MyStruct2) {

But i'm getting error in compile time: undefined (cannot refer to unexported field or method mypackage.(*MyStruct)."".id

How can i call this function correctly?

Thank you



An identifier may be exported to permit access to it from another package. An identifier is exported if both:

  1. the first character of the identifier's name is a Unicode upper case letter (Unicode class "Lu"); and
  2. the identifier is declared in the package block or it is a field name or method name.

So basically only functions / variables starting with a capital letter would be usable outside the package.


type MyStruct struct {
    id    string

func (m *MyStruct) Id() {
   // doing something with id here


func foo(str *MyStruct2) {

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