Pass ID of radio-input to the attached label

I'm using the following view to create an input of radio type:

Ember.RadioButton = Ember.View.extend({  
    tagName : "input",
    type : "radio",
    attributeBindings : [ "name", "type", "value", "checked:checked:" ],
    click : function() {
        this.set("selection", this.$().val())
    checked : function() {
        return this.get("value") == this.get("selection");   

It creates the following HTML:

<input type="radio" value="2.5" name="selectionTest" class="ember-view" id="ember293">

I'd like to have a label element below each radio-button with the for attribute set to the radio-button's ID. All this to be able to style the radio-button.

How would I go about accomplishing this?


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