Load Excel File To Powerbuilder

I have this code for buttonclicked event to load excel and text file to powerbuilder and the excel data is not copied i.e ll_return_xls <= 0 and thus when i want to load it to db i will get error since it has no value or data in it...The problem here is i get the data from text file but not from the excel file...Any help will be appreciated

    long    ll_return
    long    ll_return_xls
   OLEObject  excel 

   IF rb_file.checked then
  IF dwo.Name = "b_browse_meters"   THEN // Browse Button Clicked for Text

ll_return = GetFileOpenName ( "Select Meter File", is_fullname, is_filename, "TXT", &
    "Text Files (*.txt), *.txt" )

if ll_return < 1 then 
    gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX28", "", "", OK!)
end if

  END IF // Browse Button Clicked

   IF dwo.Name ="b_browse_meters_xls" THEN // Browse Button Clicked for Excel

ll_return_xls = GetFileOpenName ( "Select Meter File", is_fullname, is_filename, "XLS", &
    "Excel Files (*.xls), *.xls" )

if ll_return_xls < 1 then 
    gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX28", "", "", OK!)
end if

excel = create oleobject
    excel.ConnectToNewObject( "excel.application" )
excel.visible = false
excel.workbooks.open( is_fullname)
Destroy excel

END IF // Browse Button Clicked

And Function to load it the text and excel data

long    ll_return, ll_arr_len, ll_loop, ll_indx, ll_pass = 0
integer     li_rc, li_file_nbr, li_fr_rc //File Read Return Code
string      ls_file, ls_line, ls_msg
string lsa_meters[], lsa_meter_pass[]
string ls_meters
long    ll_total_valid, ll_total_aparatos

if IsValid(w_progbar) then Close(w_progbar)
openwithparm(w_progbar,"Uploading file data ...")

li_rc = SUCCESS
ll_total_aparatos = 0
ll_total_valid = 0

// Open file
if li_rc = SUCCESS then
ls_file = is_fullname
li_file_nbr = FileOpen(ls_file, LineMode!)
if IsNull(li_file_nbr) or li_file_nbr < 1 then
    li_rc = NO_ACTION
end if
end if

// Read file, store serial numbers into array lsa_meters[]
if li_rc = SUCCESS then // File Opened
ll_indx = 0
do while ll_indx > -1 and li_rc = SUCCESS
    li_fr_rc = FileRead(li_file_nbr, ls_line)
    choose case li_fr_rc
        case is > 0
            ll_indx ++
        lsa_meters[ll_indx] = ls_line
        case 0, -100
            ll_indx = -1
        case -1
            li_rc = FAILURE
            gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX21", "", "", OK!)
        end choose

if li_rc = SUCCESS then // File Read OK
    ll_arr_len = UpperBound(lsa_meters)

    if ll_arr_len > 0 then // Data found in file
        for ll_loop = 1 to ll_arr_len step 1
            if ib_meter then
                ll_return = wf_luhn_check(lsa_meters[ll_loop])
                ll_total_valid ++
                if Len(lsa_meters[ll_loop]) >= 9 then
                    ll_return = 1
                    ll_total_valid ++
                    ll_return = -1
                end if
            end if
            if ll_return = 1 then
                if wf_aparatos_check(lsa_meters[ll_loop]) <= 0 then
                    ll_return = 1
                    ll_return = -1
                    ll_total_aparatos ++
                end if
            end if
            if ll_return = 1 then
                lsa_meter_pass[ll_pass] = lsa_meters[ll_loop]
                ls_meters = ls_meters + lsa_meters[ll_loop] + isk_TAB_PB
            end if
            w_progbar.uo_progress_bar.set_position(50 + ((ll_loop / ll_arr_len) * 40))

        ll_arr_len = UpperBound(lsa_meter_pass)

        if ll_arr_len > 0 then
            dw_datos_ingreso.Object.num_ini[1] = lsa_meter_pass[1]
            dw_datos_ingreso.Object.num_fin[1] = lsa_meter_pass[ll_arr_len]

            is_meters_passed = ls_meters // Concatenated string of meter serial no.
            il_apa_filemeters_count = ll_arr_len // Number of meters
            li_rc = FAILURE
            if ib_meter then
                gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX27", "", "", OK!)
                gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX22", "", "", OK!)
            end if
            if ll_total_valid = ll_total_aparatos then
                gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX23", "", "", OK!)
            end if
        end if
        li_rc = FAILURE
        gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX24", "", "", OK!)
    end if // Data found in file
end if // File Read OK
end if // File Opened


//Clean up
if li_file_nbr > 0 then
if FileClose(li_file_nbr) = FAILURE then
    li_rc = FAILURE
    gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX25", "", "", OK!)
end if
 end if

 if ll_total_aparatos > 0 then
gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EW140", String(ll_total_aparatos) , "", OK!)
 end if

 if li_rc = FAILURE then
gnv_msg.f_mensaje("EX26", "", "", OK!)
  end if



You can use the ODBC driver directly to the Excel file, and then build a Pipeline object that moves the data from the spreadsheet directly into the database. Don't write code you don't need to.

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