Lock obtain timed out: NativeFSLock@/var/database/schema/label/lucene/write.lock

I am just getting this error Error Log : Lock obtain timed out: NativeFSLock@/var/database/schema/label/lucene/write.lock org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.( org.neo4j.kernel.api.impl.index.IndexWriterFactories$1.create( org.neo4j.kernel.api.impl.index.LuceneLabelScanStore.init( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport$LifecycleInstance.init( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport.init( org.neo4j.kernel.impl.nioneo.xa.NeoStoreXaDataSource.start( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport$LifecycleInstance.start( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport.start( org.neo4j.kernel.impl.transaction.XaDataSourceManager.start( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport$LifecycleInstance.start( org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifeSupport.start( org.neo4j.kernel.EmbeddedGraphDatabase.( org.neo4j.graphdb.factory.GraphDatabaseFactory$1.newDatabase( org.neo4j.graphdb.factory.GraphDatabaseBuilder.newGraphDatabase( org.neo4j.graphdb.factory.GraphDatabaseFactory.newEmbeddedDatabase( com.util.Neo4JConnectionHelper.getDBInstance( com.test.CreateNode.migrateData1( com.test.CreateNode.doGet( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

I have created my database with java code and using library,So Please check if i turn off the server directly so How i could resume this database when i getting this error on it.

How to remove write lock from file by code Please share your view on it.


Are you running a second instance of Neo4j on the same directory?

If not make a backup copy of your graphdb directory, remove /var/database/schema/label/lucene/write.lock and retry.

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