Spring SAML extension for multiple IDP'S

we are planning to use spring saml extension as SP into our application. But the requirement with our application is we need to communicate with more than 1 IDP's Could any one please provide me/direct me to the example where it uses multiple IDP's

I also would like to know spring saml extension supports what kind of IDPS like OPenAM/Ping federate/ADFs2.0 etc...

Thanks, --Vikas


You can find all answers to your question in the Spring SAML manual.

The sample application which is included as part of the product already includes metadata for two IDPs, use it as an example.

Statement on IDPs is included in chapter 1.2:

All products supporting SAML 2.0 in Identity Provider mode (e.g. ADFS 2.0, Shibboleth, OpenAM/OpenSSO, Efecte Identity or Ping Federate) can be used with the extension.

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