Can i get TeamCity to do what web essentials does? Less files and Bundles?

I am trying to get TeamCity to build less files and generate my bundles.

Is this possible in Team City?


Sure it is. Anything you can run from command line you can create a build step for. So, you need to find a script you can trigger from commandline (MSBuild for example, there's even a build runner for MSBuild). I would probably collect all build files as artifacts that I can later download directly from TeamCity. Something like this (all separate build steps):

  1. Build everything
  2. Generate css files and bundles (maybe part of step 1).
  3. Generate msi file using something like WiX.
  4. Collect artifacts within TeamCity.

This is a very nice setup, in my view. Probably you need to ask for more help on each step separately.

Good luck!

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