Need some help in deleting the data from list and again append it in same list

I have developed a Django app where user can upload multiple files. I can upload all the multiple files and its paths in the form of a list separated by comma(,) in MySql database.For example I have uploaded three files

  1. Logging a Defect.docx, 2.Mocks (1).pptx and 3.Mocksv2.pptx

and it gets stored in database as following( Converting the individual file path into list and joining all the paths results in following form) :

FileStore/client/Logging a Defect.docx,FileStore/client/Mocks (1).pptx,FileStore/client/Mocksv2.pptx,

Now I need help while deleting particular file. For example when I'm deleting Logging a Defect.docx then I should be deleting first element of list alone and retain the other two paths. I'll be sending only name of document.

I'm retrieving the path as list and then I have to check if the name of doc being passed is there in each element of the list and if it matches then I should delete that element keeping the other elements intact. How to approach this ? It sounds like more of python question than Django question.


Use list-expression to filter the splitted text, and rebuild the string using join function

>>> db_path = 'FileStore/client/Logging a Defect.docx,FileStore/client/Mocks (1).pptx,FileStore/client/Mocksv2.pptx'
>>> file_to_delete = 'Logging a Defect.docx'
>>> file_separator = ","
>>> new_db_path = [
...     path.strip()
...     for path in db_path.split(file_separator)
...     if path.strip() and file_to_delete not in path
... ]
>>> string_to_save = file_separator.join(new_db_path)
>>> string_to_save
'FileStore/client/Mocks (1).pptx,FileStore/client/Mocksv2.pptx'

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