How do i ignore the space in command line input in python

So i need to append to a file in python. This is a random command line input

Example 1:

file1 This is a sentence.

How do i make it so it "This is a sentence" would be appended to file1 not just "This"

Example 2:

file2 A sentence

How do i make it so it "A sentence" would be appended to file2 not just "A"

This is what i have so far. And any random sentence could be appended to the files

with open(input[1],'a') as fileA:


Pass the second command line arguments as a single argument in the shell:

python /path/to/ file1 "This is a sentence."

Alternatively, join the arguments after the filename using str.join:

with open(input[1], 'a') as fileA:
    fileA.write(' '.join(input[2:]))

But the alternative solution will not preserve exact count of spaces / tabs.

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