AngularJS - Is it possible to show data in a specific time range?

hope someone can help me with this question.

I have an entity which contains a start time (let's say 15 o'clock) and an end time (let's say 16 o'clock). It also contains the date (let's say today^^).

So my query returns all data of today, but I only want to show the data between 15 and 16 o'clock.

Do I need to set a $timeout for each object? Or is it possible to automatically call a method called shouldShowData which used in ng-show?

Basically I have a list of objects and want to show single object just on a specific time of the day.

EDIT Imagine that the screen is shown in a public place and displays different news at different time (morning news, evening news, ...) and should automatically update when the specific news should be displayed based on it's start and end time. It can't be updated manually with a refresh button for example.

Great to here from you :)


I have found similar problem and solution for it here

All you need is to wrap this into $filter and use on ng-repeat.

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