Losing parameters in production?

Or, that is what seems to be happening. I'm getting errors in my production environment that i can't recreate in development. Basically, i'm trying to associate a Booker to a Booking. If the Booker doesn't exist I'd like to invite him/her.

# GET /bookings/new
def new
  @booking = Booking.new
  authorize @booking

  @booking.venue = Venue.new
  @booker = User.new


Relevant create code;

def create

  @booking = Booking.new(booking_params)
  authorize @booking

  booker_found = set_booker

And the set_booker private method

def set_booker

  logger.info "booker: #{booking_params.inspect}"

  # set existing user as booker or prepare inviting a new user
  booker_found = false
  @booker = User.find_by_email(booking_params[:user][:email])

etc. The last line is where I get errors in production, because booking_params[:user] does not exist. I tried resetting my database in the development ENV and the code works fine. Yet in production I will always get NoMethodError (undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass)

This is my relevant form code;

<%= simple_form_for(@booking, :wrapper => :bootstrap3 ) do |f| %>
  <%= f.simple_fields_for @booker do |user_form| %>
    <%= user_form.input :email, label: "Booker e-mail" %>
  <% end %>

This is what logger shows in development;

Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"lala", "booking"=>{"name"=>"Mah Booking", "date"=>"02-10-2014", "venue_name"=>"Meeeeeeeeeeee", "venue_id"=>"", "user"=>{"email"=>"booker@boekkoek.nl"}, "artist_fee"=>"0.00"}, "commit"=>"Create Booking", "locale"=>"en"}

booker: {"date"=>"02-10-2014", "name"=>"Mah Booking", "artist_fee"=>"0.00", "venue_id"=>"", "venue_name"=>"Meeeeeeeeeeee", "user"=>{"email"=>"booker@boekkoek.nl"}}

And this is from my production.log

Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"yada", "booking"=>{"name"=>"tttt", "date"=>"02-10-2014", "venue_name"=>"meee", "venue_id"=>"", "user"=>{"email"=>"info@blabl.nl"}, "artist_fee"=>"0.00"}, "commit"=>"Create Booking", "locale"=>"en"}

booker: {"name"=>"tttt", "date"=>"02-10-2014", "artist_fee"=>"0.00", "venue_id"=>""}

I have no idea why the order is different, also, it seems to but "cutting off" after the venue_id, which is obviously causing the error. Has anyone seen behavior like this before?

Edit: Here's my booking_params private method

def booking_params
  params.require(:booking).permit(*policy(@booking || Booking).permitted_attributes)

And the pundit policy;

def permitted_attributes
   :act_ids => [],
   user: [ :id, :email ]

Like I said, same code works fine in development. The only way I can sort of reproduce the problem is by removing the user params from my permitted_attributes method, but then I actually get an "unpermitted parameters" error. What would be the right way to define the permitted attributes for "user"? Totally lost on this one.


I suspect your strong parameters are incorrect/are missing the nested user. If you post them I can fix that side of it, but an easy temporary fix is to simply use


i.e access the parameters directly. Going back to the issue, have a look here for using nested parameters in the strong parameters:

Rails 4 - Strong Parameters - Nested Objects

Never found out what the problem really was. Not using Pundit for the strong params fixed it though.

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