Saving an image from an URL to a local file in C#

I have the following code which save an image with an URL to a local file.

using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
    client.DownloadFile("", "c:\\Tmp\test.jpg");

But when I run it, I get an exception. It said 'An exception occurred during a WebClient request." When I see that exception in deubgger. It said 'Illegal characters in path.'

I check that url is valid via my browser. So what is causing the problem?


You should use, @ symbol like this

      using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
            client.DownloadFile(@"",                                @"c:\\Tmp\test.jpg");

Your path contains a tab character: \t. Escape the second backslash: "C:\\Tmp\\test.jpg"


You forgot to escape the second t.

You should either use @"c:\Tmp\test.jpg" or "c:\\Tmp\\test.jpg"

Just put an @ symbol before the path names.

       using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
            client.DownloadFile(@"", @"c:\Tmp\test.jpg");

Your path contains \t which is an illegal path character. Back slash is a reserved character in C#, for characters like tab and line ending, and so must be escaped.

You can either make it a double back slash "C:\\Tmp\\test.jpg", or escape the whole string with an @ character at the beginning @"C:\Tmp\test.jpg"



for your filename

Treat those like any other string. The first backslash is the escape character, the second is to recognize the backslash

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