Sidekiq - Deleting scheduled jobs when task is deleted

I schedule reminder emails when a user creates a task for a certain date using the following code in the create action:


I want to delete the scheduled reminder mail whenever the associated task is deleted. I tried using a model method on before_destroy:

before_destroy :destroy_sidekiq_job

def destroy_sidekiq_job
  post_id =
  queue ='critical')
  queue.each do |job|
    if job.klass == 'EmailWorker' && job.args.first == post_id

However, the jobs aren't deleted from the queue. Any suggestions for me to fix this?


The scheduled jobs are not within a queue yet, use Sidekiq::ScheduledSet to find the scheduled jobs:

def destroy_sidekiq_jobs
  scheduled =
  scheduled.each do |job|
    if job.klass == 'EmailWorker' && job.args.first == id

Don't do this. Let Sidekiq execute the job but verify the post exists and is current when the email job is run.

def perform(post_id)
  post = Post.find_by_id(post_id)
  return unless post


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