How to send id through url

I want to send my id through url and want to get id in another page.

But how to send id through url Kindly help.

My Views which is not working.

<div class='title'><a href="<?php echo $Result->ad_id();?>"><?php echo ucwords($Result->ad_title);?></a></div>


Lets assume,

your domain name is

You are going pass id to index.php

<div class='title'>
    <a href="<?php echo $Result->ad_id();?>"><?php echo ucwords($Result->ad_title);?></a>

In index.php

$submit_id = $_GET['id'];

This is your given code.

<div class='title'>
   <a href="<?php echo $Result->ad_id();?>">
      <?php echo ucwords($Result->ad_title);?>

Here, the hyperlink is not correct. If you're using php without any framework, then add the link first before the id you want to pass.

<a href="<?php echo $Result->ad_id();?>">
   <?php echo ucwords($Result->ad_title);?>

Now, in the anypage.php, write some code to get the id from the url, i.e.

$id= $_GET("id");

Hope, it'll work! :)

This will help:

data is not passing through url

As an example, to pass id = 1234 to test.php:


Then in test.php, the value of id will be available from $_GET['id'].

<div class='title'>
    <a href="<?php echo $Result->ad_id() . '?variable_name=variable_value' ?> "></a>

This is one way of query string for passing data using GET method...


for example:

So you can fetch the value in other page:

$var = $_GET['variable_name'];
//in this case:
$var = $_GET['sid'];

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