Offline database for native Cordova Applicaition

Recently I was looking at few blogs and couldn't find the solution to my problem. I am trying to achieve following things in native cordova app.

1.Creating native cordova app using visual studio 2013. Got that working 2. Looking to store some data when app is offline. IndexDB, WebSql and local storage is not any option as data can be more than their actual limit. Therefore cannot use PouchDB and Taffy. 3. Find few things on sqllite but don't know if we can connect to sqllite db file via javascript.

Any help and direction will be really helpful?


I think this plugin for cordova fits your needs:

Implements Native sqlite dB access without the 5MB that normally limits websql HTML5. Almost all sqlite capabilities are covered.

You can also integrate this plugin with SQLcypher if you have security requirements.

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