Objective-C Travis issue for boolean values in XCTAssertEqual: (“NO”) is not equal to (“0”)

here's my test code which succeeds locally:

- (void)setUp {

    restroom = [[Restroom alloc] initWithName:@"Target" andIsAccessible:FALSE andIsUnisex:TRUE];


- (void)tearDown {

    restroom = nil;

- (void)testThatARestroomCanBeCreated
    XCTAssertNotNil(restroom, @"Should be able to create a Restroom instance.");

- (void)testThatRestroomHasAName
    XCTAssertEqualObjects(restroom.name, @"Target", @"Restroom should have the name given when initialized.");

- (void)testThatRestroomHasAFlagForAccessibility
    XCTAssertEqual(restroom.isAccessible, FALSE, @"Restroom should have the accessibility flag given when initialized.");

- (void)testThatRestroomHasAFlagForUnisex
    XCTAssertEqual(restroom.isUnisex, TRUE, @"Restroom should have the unisex flag given when initialized.");

however, when Travis processes it, i get error for only the tests relating to boolean values:

 ✗ -[RRiOSAppTests testThatRestroomHasAFlagForAccessibility] (0 ms) (0)
  -[RRiOSAppTests testThatRestroomHasAFlagForUnisex]

/Users/travis/build/.../RRiOSApp/RRiOSAppTests/RRiOSAppTests.m:91: ((restroom.isUnisex) equal to (1)) failed: ("YES") is not equal to ("1") - Restroom should have the unisex flag given when initialized.:


✗ -[RRiOSAppTests testThatRestroomHasAFlagForUnisex] (0 ms) (1)
✓ -[RRiOSAppTests testThatRestroomHasAName] (0 ms)

/Users/travis/build/.../RRiOSApp/RRiOSAppTests/RRiOSAppTests.m:86: ((restroom.isAccessible) equal to (0)) failed: ("NO") is not equal to ("0") - Restroom should have the accessibility flag given when initialized.

I tried replacing TRUE and FALSE with 1 and 0 - but the same error came about.

Here's my .travis.yml file:

language: objective-c
    - brew remove --force xctool
    - brew install xctool --HEAD

  - xctool test -project RRiOSApp/RRiOSApp.xcodeproj -scheme RRiOSApp -sdk iphonesimulator7.0

And, I'm using Xcode 6


BOOL is either YES or NO, not TRUE or FALSE. TRUE is not the same type as YES, which is why the test fails. There is also true, which is a completely different type.

TRUE is defined in Core Foundation as:

#define TRUE 1

YES is defined in the ObjC runtime as:

#define YES (BOOL)1

true is defined differently depending on whether you're compiling as C99 or C++. You can look it up in stdbool.h if you're curious.

But in any case, you shouldn't test equality to BOOL (ever, not just in tests). You should test truth. The tests you want here is XCTAssertTrue and XCTAssertFalse. There are many "true" values that are not equal to YES or TRUE, which is why testing equality on BOOL is error-prone.

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