Fit Poisson distribution to normal distribution

I have a set of data. I plotted the histogram of these data in order to know their distribution, which gives me a Poisson distribution. I want to fit my data as Gaussian. Is it possible to fit the Poisson distribution to a Gaussian distribution under Matlab?


Use normfit to obtain the mean and standard deviation of a Gassian distribution fitted to your data, and then normpdf to generate the pdf.

Here's an example with invented data. The data in this case has a triangular-shaped distribution (not a Poisson ditribution), but the idea is the same: a Gaussian function is fitted to it.

See above link for normfit options.

%// Random data
data = sum(rand(2,1e4)); %// sum of two uniform RV's gives a triangular pdf

%// Plot normalized histogram (empirical pdf) of data
edges = 0:.1:2;
[yh xh] = hist(data, edges);
bar(xh, yh/numel(data)/(edges(2)-edges(1)))

%// Compute and plot Gaussian fit
[mu, sigma] = normfit(data);
hold on
xf = -1:.01:3;
plot(xf, normpdf(xf, mu, sigma), 'r');

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