Comparing Multiple Date with between Mysql

I have this query

FROM   `reservations` 
WHERE  '2014-09-04' BETWEEN check_in AND check_out 

In another case, I need to compare this check_in and check_out field with multiple dates. This query could solve that problem

FROM   `reservations` 
WHERE  '2014-09-04' BETWEEN check_in AND check_out 
        OR '2014-09-09' BETWEEN check_in AND check_out 

But this query is not efficient if I have a lot of date to compare. Anybody have solution to make this query shorter?


Shorter query:

 FROM reservations r
  SELECT '2014-09-04' AS dt UNION
  SELECT '2014-09-09' AS dt
 ) dates ON dates.dt BETWEEN r.check_in AND r.check_out

If you do not have indexes on check_in and check_out, then multiple conditions with or is the best approach. If you do have indexes on these columns and they are being used in the first case, then try using union:

FROM `reservations` 
WHERE '2014-09-04' BETWEEN check_in AND check_out 
FROM   `reservations` 
WHERE  '2014-09-09' BETWEEN check_in AND check_out ;

Note that union incurs an overhead of removing duplicates. I am using it because you could have duplicates in the result and, presumably, you do not want them. In general, I recommend using union all when possible.

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