jQuery, find by tag name and class that starts with

Is there a way to find elements using both tag-name and class that starts with. I'm aware that you can do something like:


But how to use the starts-with (^=) in such a way?


i think this is what you are looking for


it will show classes which start with "apple-"

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IntelliJ Idea: Configuring Artifacts to contain different web.xml and application.properties

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Is there a way with IntelliJ Idea, to create two kinds of artifacts - for development and for production, which would containt different sets of files.

Does this pattern work in C++?

c++ c++11 static-analysis c++98 prefast

I'm running PREfast static code analysis on my our projects, and it is giving me C6001 'using uninitialized memory' errors for this pattern:

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