Knockout text databind erasing part of my Markup

I'm facing a small problem regarding Knockout JS databind on a span. I want to bind a number alongside a percentage symbol. My original HTML markup is this one:


Then, I'd try to make the number dynamic with the following expression (I'm forfeiting the JS as it works corrctly and I don't think it's necessary for my case):

<span data-bind="text: cartTotalPrice" /><span>%</span>

Misteriously, the that contains the % symbol disappears, only displaying the binded number. But then if I do the following, the number and the symbol are correctly displayed:

<span data-bind="text: cartTotalPrice() + '%'" />

Why does this happen? Is it normal?



I believe the problem is that you are not closing your span tag. Use an explicit closing </span>.

<span data-bind="text: cartTotalPrice"></span><span>%</span>

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