How do I set and increment values in a collection with one query?

This should be a simple update query.

How can I update a collection so that I can set a=1 and increment b by one WHERE mystring=thestring?

I would think it would look something like this:

myCollection.update({  myString: thestring},
                              {$set: {a: 1},
                               $inc: {b: 1}

The above only sets a=1, b is not incremented so its not quite working properly. I've tried changing braces around but so far no luck.

Any ideas?


Try this code in your browser console which is working for me :

MyCollection=new Mongo.Collection(null);




Object {_id: "5JMPCqSwf7jmz9Z5H", myString: "thestring", a: 1, b: 5}

My guess is that you haven't quoted the string you are testing against. (myString: thestring)

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