How to restart Mozila Firefox browser from firefox extension

I am creating a firefox extension. I have to restart firefox after certain condition from extension's js file. So how can I restart firefox browser by extension javascript ? Thanks in advance.


Use this code:

function restart() {
  let canceled = Cc[";1"]

  Services.obs.notifyObservers(canceled, "quit-application-requested", "restart");

  if ( return false; // somebody canceled our quit request

  // disable fastload cache?
  if (getPref("disable_fastload")) Services.appinfo.invalidateCachesOnRestart();

  // restart
      .quit(Ci.nsIAppStartup.eAttemptQuit | Ci.nsIAppStartup.eRestart);

  return true;

The following will invoke the already existing Mozilla restart command (which makes sure that all the appropriate cleanup is done).

This will work from a context where you have access to the browser window element (i.e. from a dialog window which you have opened (e.g. options dialog)):


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