javascript how to get html style's custom attribute value

I have html element with some inline styles plus on custom css property. now i can access every style attribute but not my custom style property.

here is my code.

<img id="myimg" class="ImgClass" style="overfolow:hidden;position:absolute;mycustomProp:100;top:15;left:20">

here i cannot get mycustomProp.

Any help?



function getCustomStyle(theId,theStyle) {
    var styles=document.getElementById(theId).getAttribute("style").split(';');
    var astyle;
    for(var i=0;i<styles.length;i++) {
        if(astyle[0]==theStyle) return (astyle[1]);
    return undefined;

document.getElementById("myimg").getAttribute("style") to retrieve the attribute.

document.getElementById("myimg").setAttribute("style",<string>) can be used to change it.









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