Convering yyyy-mm-dd to unix timestamp in array and put it back at the same position after converted it.

I'm very new at javascript and highstock. I want to put datetime into Highstock and realized that it accepted just only Unix time stamp. However, my datetime data is in yyyy-mm-dd format how can I convert datetime data in object and put it back to the same position?

My data is

object =

a: [ '2014-04-12'(string), 120],

b: [ '2013-02-12', 300],

c: [ '2013-03-15', 300]

But, there are 1000 data in my object I would be grateful if you could help me with this issue.

Thank you!


If your object actually looks like this:

object = {
 a: [ '2014-04-12', 120],
 b: [ '2013-02-12', 300],
 c: [ '2013-03-15', 300]

you can do this:

for(var k in object) {
   object[k][0] = new Date(object[k][0]).getTime()

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