Findall equivalent for xpath , Lxml

I am extracting text with respect to tags and I need to get them in a list form w.r.t p tags. I have this xpath expression as:

 find =  etree.XPath("//w:p//.//*[local-name() = 'ins']//text()" ,namespaces={'w':""}) 

And i want to use it in a findall expression. I tried:

for p in lxml_tree.findall('.//{' + w + '}p'):
    inserted_list_1.append([t.text for t in p.findall('.//{' + w + '}ins')])

but all this returns is a list full of None values whilst the former xpath works perfectly. I think there's some intermediate path missing.


You cannot use that expression with findall(); the findall() method deliberately keeps compatibility with the limited ElementTree API XPath support.

Use the xpath() method instead:

for p in lxml_tree.xpath('.//w:p', namespaces={'w': w}):

and just use namespace prefixes for much more readable queries.

If you just wanted to extract all contained text, you can use:

[t for t in p.xpath('../w:p//w:ins//text()',namespaces={'w': w})]

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