how to plot NA gaps using ggplot2

In basic plotting in R if there is an NA in a data series ggplot2 a gap will be plotted:

As an example see:


However, ggplot2 removes the missing values and plots a straight line with no gap.


I'd like to keep the gaps. They are valuable info in the data I am working with. Is there a simple way to tell ggplot2 to stop ignoring gaps?


This happens because you set both x and y to NA. (And the ggplot2 behaviour is more sensible IMHO than the base plot behaviour.) If only the y values are NA, you get the desired behaviour. Here is a workaround:

df$g <- cumsum(apply(df, 1, anyNA))
ggplot(data=df,aes(x,y, group=g))+geom_line()

Replace geom_line with geom_path.

ggplot(data = df, aes(x, y)) +

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