Excel error: expected end of statement, what does this mean?

I am trying to write this formula into a cell via my script:

  strFormulas(1) = "=IF(AND(I2<12.2,I2>=8.2),"t","f")"

And it keeps coming up as an error, even though it works just fine in the actual sheet if I manually input it into the cell. What is it expecting me to do here?


You need to escape quotes. Try this:

strFormulas(1) = "=IF(AND(I2<12.2,I2>=8.2),""t"",""f"")"

The issue that you are running into is that " is interpreted as beginning or ending a VBA string. So VBA parses your expression as

strFormulas(1) = "=IF(AND(I2<12.2,I2>=8.2),"

with "garbage" at the end. This "garbage" is what it is complaining about. If you need to include a " within a VBA string, use "".

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